new single "over you" coming 2/15


the dark side of dream pop.

On her debut EP, Dreamland, Nashville's alt-pop alien Athena introduces listeners to a fantastical concept narrative woven through dark dance beats. Though the record tells the story of a fictional character, Dreamland, deals with very real themes: mental illness, trauma and vulnerability chief among them.

Combining haunting melodies with stabbing bass synths, MONSTER will delight fans of Halsey and Sylvan Esso alike.

Athena is a goddess from another world that has been stranded on Earth. She’s ready to take you on a journey through her dreamland on a quest to dance with your demons.

Athena’s music - both sinister and delicately magnificent - deftly straddles the line between light and dark. Her sticky electro pop sensibilities call to mind Halsey or Lorde, but her flirtations with the macabre and emotional exploration are akin to Imogen Heap and Florence + the Machine.